Sunday, April 4, 2010


Greetings everyone!

I know it has been quite some time since my last post and all of you are just teetering on the brink of madness not knowing what has been happening in the life of Kari. Well, fret no more faithful followers she is back and abroad! Yes, I took this one-woman show on the road and went to Germany. My husband, so wonderful and patient to have a wife like me is stationed at Ramstein in Germany and I thought it time to pay my beloved a little visit.

Everything has shifted and not just my current location. My mood, my perspective, and my hat...wait...hat? Yes, this cleverly hidden transition has brought me to the topic for this post. I (like many out there) wear lots of different "hats". One is my work self, the go-to girl for the Colonel that I work for.  Ever mindful of his needs and what memo goes in what mailbox. The other is my weather self, the person I entered the military to be. The eclectic admirer of Earth's natural power, the enemy of every pilot.

Then there is the CrossFitter, paleo-eating wife, and she is by far the most fun ;-) So here I am amongst my people, in my husband's arms and enjoying every minute of it. Even the dreadful 5 I spent doing a horrible workout with my Ramstein CrossFit family.

Tonight the hubby and I (mostly the hubby since I was making a dreadful mess of dinner) are cooking Paleo pizza from almond flour, eggs, and olive oil with tons of grilled veggies and sausage...yum!!

More from the land of beer and brats later...Guten nacht!

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