Sunday, March 28, 2010

Living out loud

Last few days here on Kunsan have been hectic due to the looming Air Force level inspection we have this coming week. We have prepared, shredded, cleaned and streamlined pretty much everything. Many man hours have culminated in what we hope to be an above average base. Here's hoping Kunsan!!

As for me I have taken to the gym in full force. I have been keeping a keen eye on the sectionals currently happening in the States and are gauging my place in the grand arena. I try to incorporate as many of these workouts in my routine as possible while at the same time trying to work on my weaknesses. Hence my current shoulder pain from the many frustrated attempts at a muscle-up on Sat...any day now!!

Speaking of Saturday, my day started off pretty awesome. I participated in the first ever Kunsan Duathalon! It was a 5K run, 20K bike, 5 K run. I originally was set to do the entire event by myself but my good friend Christine mentioned a team event and I was all for having fun and doing less work ;) So she did the bike and I did the running. It was a beautiful Saturday for an athletic event, minus the 25 mile/hr wind! It was like hitting a wall when you would least want to, but we pushed through and finished with style!

We completed the event in under 1:25 min! Way to go us! It was a great time and such a nice way to spend a Saturday morning with my Kunsan family!

The day was far from over. Hey, we still have plenty of CrossFit time left! After the event I went home for anothor of my fabulous raspberry, banana, protein smoothies and a few scoops of PB!

Then it was back to the gym to meet Bobby for muscle-up work and a WOD. I have yet to get one, but the strength seems to be there, just not the transition. I am going to work on doing ring pull-ups with the false grip and more jumping ones to build the muscle memory up. I need to get this before May!!

Came home that night to salmon and avocado. Let me ask you, is there anything better than avocado? Seriously, it is creamy, tasty, and full of great fat...that you can eat!! If I had to take one thing with me on a island (and only if my hubby didn't count) I would take avocados!


So today was another wonderful, beautiful day at Kunsan. The sun was shining, the birds are chirping, and the CrossFitters are screaming through yet another great fundamentals class! I feel so happy to be able to teach the CrossFit method at our tiny piece of the world here in Korea! After the class was able to get another workout in with Crazy Bobby!

While he did the March Painstorm (aka insanity) I did my wonderful husband's birthday WOD:
45lb overhead walking lunge, 65 steps
65 pull-ups
65lb Hang squat clean, 65 reps
65lb push press, 65 reps
65lb SDLHP, 65 reps
All I can say about this is that the only reason I attempted that insane WOD is because I love you so much!

So here is to another weekend in Korea, working out, eating, and just taking one day at a time!

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