Friday, March 19, 2010

To Osan! The land of milk and honey, or just a proper BX

Good Morning from Korea!

Got up at 0630 because when you get up at 0400 M-F your body just does not accomodate the whole "sleeping in" thing. Woke up to a pre-run snack of paleo banana-almond muffin with all natural peanut butter.

Then went on a 5 mile run around base. It was very quiet and misty grey along the running path so quite nice. Kunsan Air Base is made up of 2 main F-16 Squadrons and 1 deployed F-15 Squadron. It is a small, remote base compared to many other military installations. There is a nice running path around the outer fence of the base that will always make you understand where you are.

After my return from the run I made a quick post-workout smoothie...

Now off to Osan with Melissa to do some much needed shopping! We are driving ourselves this time so pray that we make it in one piece and don't get lost!!

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